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The majority of claims submitted deal with burst geysers and resultant damages.
Our insurance broker (JB le Roux Brokers) has provided us with a “Fast Track” geyser claim form to expedite geyser claims. All other claims NOT geyser-related require a different form to be completed.

Should you experience a burst geyser, kindly contact your plumber to replace. Please ensure that the replacement is within the framework of the limits. A claim form can then be completed, noting the following:
The replacement of geysers will only be done if proof can be provided that the geyser has in fact burst. In order to prove this, it is a requirement that pictures be taken of the burst geyser, the serial number to be noted, and clear colour pictures of the resultant damages must be attached to the claim form. The plumber report / quotation should clearly indicate that the replacement is due to a burst geyser. This will expedite the claim.
All claims are subject to an Excess amount to be paid by the owner

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